How to Throw the Perfect Rodeo-Themed Birthday for Your Kid

If your kid loves the rodeo, why not throw a rodeo-themed party? A rodeo is a good time for…
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If your kid loves the rodeo, why not throw a rodeo-themed party? A rodeo is a good time for birthdays and bat mitzvahs, so if your son or daughter is ready to get down, here’s how to throw the perfect party.

Rent a Mechanical Bull

If you want an awesome party, you need great entertainment. With mechanical bull rental NJ, your party will be a hit. Real bull riding can be dangerous, but with this excellent mechanical option, your guests can have a blast without violating any safety standards. The rental company offers the safest mechanical bull, inflatable flooring for a soft landing, and professional, trained staff so you have nothing to worry about with this entertainment.

When a rider gets on the bull, he or she straps on a wrist harness. When the rider is thrown off the mechanical bull, it automatically stops. Your guests will love tackling the mechanical bull ride and seeing how long they can last. You can change the speed of the bull, so for your younger kids who don’t have riding experience, stick with the soft or “redneck games” (slower than soft) setting.

If your party is full of teenagers who have practiced bull riding before, you can crank the machine to medium or hard. No matter who your guests are, they’ll all love the chance to prove themselves with this mechanical bull.

Supply the Perfect Outfits

It’s not really a rodeo without the proper wardrobe. Stock up on western apparel for your guests or encourage them to wear their own. A great pair of cowboy boots with Wrangler jeans will make a kid feel like he’s ready for the rodeo. Give each guest a cowboy hat and tell them to wear their favorite flannel shirt.

It’s a great idea to have a few items for your guests, like handkerchiefs, but don’t be afraid to ask them to come already dressed. Embracing the look of rodeo attendees will make your party feel more complete. Western wear is comfortable and fun so having people dress up is a great addition to an already awesome event.

Cook Rodeo Food

No event is complete without food, and you have plenty of options for a rodeo-themed party. Barbecue is class rodeo (and western) food, so you can provide guests with pulled pork sandwiches or barbecue chicken. Sides of mac salad, potato salad, and coleslaw will make the entire family’s BBQ dreams come true.

Rodeos also tend to have traditional fair food, so you could stick with corn dogs, funnel cakes, and deep-fried Oreos. Hire a catering company to bring your vision to life or make the treats yourself. The food will go a long way in creating a perfect rodeo party, so make sure you have time to plan the perfect menu.

Finesse the Little Details

A birthday party is all about the details. Decorations can be simple as long as they make a statement and easily convey the party’s theme. Make the party invitation a rodeo ticket create a spectator area for your mechanical bull (which helpfully already looks like a ring). Appoint two parents to be the unofficial judges and provide scores to the guests attempting to ride the bull.

Decide how much you’d like to commit to the rodeo theme. You could ask a professional bull rider to demonstrate or talk about his or her line of work. You could watch rodeo events on TV during the party. Whatever details you decide will help make your party a hit.

A rodeo party can be enormous fun for kids of any age and their families. With the right entertainment, food, outfits, and decorations, your party will be remembered as a hit for years to come.