How to Pack for Vacation: 5 Tips and Tricks That’ll Make Traveling Light a Breeze

You work hard. But every once in a while, it’s healthy to stop worrying about the marketing campaign and…
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You work hard. But every once in a while, it’s healthy to stop worrying about the marketing campaign and the office staff drama and take a vacation. Going on holiday is good for the soul. It helps you see all your closest family members in a new way. But this special occasion can come with its own stressors: packing. If you want to focus on relaxing and not have to worry about breaking your back while hauling your luggage up to the hotel room, then here are some tips for you.

Stick to One Suitcase

There’s freedom in limitations. So, before you cart an entourage full of bags with you to spring lake heights or Site for Shore Eyes, let’s talk about the beauty of minimalistic packing. There are a few things that we actually need to take with us on vacation. Unless you’re bringing special camera gear that requires an extra bag, try to challenge yourself by fitting everything into just one suitcase. This may be a terrifying thought for many of you. Isn’t just one suitcase a little extreme? Well, the growing trend of minimalism has shown that it’s not. Most people who have been able to limit the number of things that they bring with them feel a sense of lightness and ease.


Start with The Essentials

Beyond toiletries and passports, what are the essentials you will need on your trip? Will you need any outerwear or jackets if it gets cold? Are you planning on wearing that little black dress that hugs your waist for a romantic dinner? Think about the specific events and adventures you have planned and go from there. You will probably we pleasantly surprised to find how much space you actually have left to play around with. Now, you can move on to adding your favorite non-essential items.

Use Your Favorites

Close your eyes and think about your favorite clothing item. Is it one of those tall maxi dresses or that pair of skinny jeans that makes you look like one of those tall women walking on a New York runway? Only you can know what your favorite items are, just make sure you pick the favorites that you can and want to wear over and over again. As you probably know, there are many different looks you can create with just one dress or pair of pants. So, you want to pick the items that will give the most options for mixing and matching.

There is Power in Accessories

Now that we have the essentials packed in comfortably with your favorite dresses and jackets the suitcase probably isn’t looking all too spacious anymore. Not to worry, there is a lot of power in creatively accessorizing. This applies to both men and women. It’s easy to dress up your basics with the right necklace, watch, scarf, etc. Most of these things can be easily tucked away in the free space of your luggage.


Use Folders for Important Documents

If you absolutely cannot be torn away from that boring rebranding project on the “visual identity and professional image of your brand name”, then you should bring all of your important printed documents in a special folder. Stylish folders can be great for traveling accountants because of the organizer tabs that come included in them, but they are a great way to safely store any invoices or gift cards you may need to bring with you.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know that you can easily fit everything you need to have a good time in one simple suitcase. So turn off the Scifi channel, get off social media, and go enjoy your trip.