How to Choose the Best Tour Operator Software for Your Business

The tour industry attracts visionaries, history enthusiasts, and knowledgeable locals who aim to share the sights and sounds of…
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The tour industry attracts visionaries, history enthusiasts, and knowledgeable locals who aim to share the sights and sounds of the world’s many locales. Tours are perfect for families, and they’re excellent sightseeing opportunities that can attract thousands of visitors during peak seasons. That’s why tour operators need more effective tools to help them book and manage reservations, develop a more responsive schedule, and help increase online bookings.

Many tour operators depend on tour operator software that makes itinerary management and even upsell opportunities more intuitive for each booking. Plus, you can even save money compared to an online travel agency. For more information on tour operator software and how it can empower your tour business, here’s what you need to know.

Look for tour operator software that can help you save on travel agency commissions.


For many tour operator businesses, working with a travel agency sometimes feels necessary. After all, travel agents and travel industry professionals often have extensive networks and are necessary components of a tour operator’s marketing strategy. However, this comes with a few caveats. For starters, travel agents and online travel agencies charge commissions on each booking. While this may seem part and parcel for the tourism industry, it’s not a necessary expense and shouldn’t dictate how your business functions.

Compared to that, the market’s best tour operator software solutions provide cutting-edge platforms and tour bookings tools to activity operators throughout the country. This tour operator software can help you manage the more precise aspects of your business alongside a more effective website and digital strategy. Instead of tour operators paying commissions on every booking or reservation, a software solution makes it easier for you to stick to an effective budget without skimping on the online booking system features.

Choose a software solution that can automatically manage availability.

For many tour operators, it can be overwhelming to manage tour reservations and appointments. However, if you’re not able to establish a robust reservation system, it can negatively impact your customer experience. Beyond your customer service efforts, managing availability manually can cause you to miss out on reservations which can impact your prospective revenue. That’s why, alongside digital marketing tools, you should look for a tour operator system that comes with reservation management capabilities. For starters, you want a platform with a booking system that can accommodate high-activity businesses. Tour managers also need software with an intuitive user interface.

A modern tour operator software solution should be able to automatically manage your reservations and enhance your support services with a degree of automation. For any travel business, this is a necessity since many brands also work with complex scenarios that may impact a tour’s availability or scheduling flexibility. For instance, if one tour requires more complex equipment or additional resources for trip planning, this could impact another one of your day tours. For a travel business or tour operator to maximize their bookings, their tour operator software system needs to incorporate a central reservation system for the best experience.

Look for a tour operator software system that enables you to customize pricing.


When you need the best tour operator software on the market, you need something that’s also practical for a business owner. That means that you should look for a software solution that enables you to establish custom booking fees or tour pricing. With the right central reservation system or online booking engine, you should be able to establish as many pricing tiers as necessary and connect to your preferred payment gateways. These tools can empower your sales team, boost bookings for your attractions, and help you adapt to evolving client preferences.

When you’re choosing a software solution, look for custom packages that can empower your tourism business. From easy-to-implement cloud service to booking automation that can increase sales on a daily basis, a comprehensive solution is a must.