Great Gift Ideas for Family Members of All Ages

It’s common to give people presents for their birthdays and at Christmas. There are also special events, such as…
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It’s common to give people presents for their birthdays and at Christmas. There are also special events, such as graduations and baby showers, that might prompt your search for the perfect present.

Shopping for presents can be a fun activity. The key to successful present shopping is having good age-appropriate ideas for the people you’re shopping for. If you’re feeling stuck, you might find the perfect present from these gift ideas.



One of the challenges of shopping for grandparents is that they usually have all the critical things they need. The key to successful grandparent shopping is focusing on what they want.

Google “best photo books” to find custom photo book companies, such as Shutterfly, who produce personalized photo albums. It’s easy to upload digital images and use the templates and background options to create a keepsake photography book. The print quality is superb, and you can add captions and customize the layout of each page.

Creating a photo book isn’t the only present you can make with photos. Use your digital photography skills to capture family photos and have them printed on mugs, bags, keepsake boxes, calendars, and more. Grandparents love talking about their family, and they’ll cherish personalized gifts featuring the ones they love.


Think about the things your spouse enjoyed when you were dating. Presents don’t always involve gifts you unwrap. You can plan dinner at their favorite restaurant. Afterward, go dancing, take in a movie, or surprise them with theater tickets. You could also buy them records by some of their favorite artists and surprise them with a record player. If none of those ideas fit, consider a locket with a special photo inside or a subscription to National Geographic or another publication they enjoy.

Young Adults

There are several gift options you can choose from if you’re shopping for a young adult who’s interested in becoming an Instagram model. Your aspiring Instagram influencer will need an excellent camera and a tripod to take professional images. If they’re ready to set up their studio, you could purchase backgrounds they can use for their images and camera filters.

Budding Instagram models may also appreciate a wardrobe upgrade. They may need designer clothes. Popular Instagram influencers can command six-figure salaries per year, making this a potentially lucrative career option. If you aren’t sure which outfits to buy or whether they need backdrops, consider buying them a guide to starting their own business or marketing their business on social media. If they have a niche they plan to exploit as an Instagram influencer, such as their love of cosplay characters, they may appreciate some cosplay outfits they can use in their photos.

Wedding and Engagement Presents

If you’re heading to a wedding or an engagement party, you may be wondering what to give the happy couple. If they’ve lived independently before their engagement, they may not need kitchen items or other household essentials, but you could still opt to give them monogrammed towels or coasters. You could also opt to give them framed art.

One of the best ways to help out friends or family members who’ve gotten engaged is to hire a professional photographer to take their engagement photos. You can also collect images taken at their engagement party and use them to create a photo book you give them at their wedding.

Graduation Presents


If you’re shopping for a splashy graduation present, you could buy your graduate a car or send them on vacation with friends. You can also splurge on electronics. Your graduate may need a new laptop or smartphone. They could also benefit from cash and gift cards that let them choose the things they need. If you want to share the experience, take them shopping for a new wardrobe. Whether they’re starting their career or heading to college, they’ll appreciate the new outfits.

Baby Shower Gifts


Baby shower presents are one of the easier gifts to buy. Babies need several onesies, and they grow quickly, which means new parents will appreciate clothes in multiple sizes. It’s also a great idea to buy clothing items that can be paired with other shirts or pants. The main thing to consider is the infant’s approximate age during the different seasons, so you buy warmer clothes they can wear during the winter months. There are many other essential items new parents need, including diapers, bottles, and blankets. If you want to focus on the parents, surprise them with a gift subscription to a boxed meal service to simplify cooking and shopping during their first month with the baby.

Shopping for presents can be fun and rewarding. Consider the interests and needs of the people you’re shopping for to ensure you find the perfect present.