Benefits of Ballroom Dancing You Wouldn’t Think Of

So, you’re looking to work out and get a bit more healthy. But the neighborhood fitness center isn’t doing…
a man and woman dancing

So, you’re looking to work out and get a bit more healthy. But the neighborhood fitness center isn’t doing much for you, as you want to change up your routine and try something new. This is where ballroom dancing can come in, as this physical activity is not only great for improving your rhythm and coordination but comes with a variety of health benefits as well! 

Here are some unique benefits of dancing that you wouldn’t think of. 

Muscle toning

Dancing doesn’t just require coordination with your legs and feet, your core and arms benefit as well. You use your entire body when you dance, and doing so helps to tone muscles all throughout your body. Plus, a huge aspect of ballroom dancing is working with a partner, which means you have to resist your partner’s body strength. This is apparent when you have to be in a specific arm hold, lean against your partner in a specific move, or even when the male lifts the female dancer. So not only can you depend on nice toned legs, you’ll see your arms benefit as well from constant dance practice.

Improve your self-confidence

You may feel that you are too shy to shake your stuff on the dance floor, but think again! Ballroom dancing is a great activity for many, as it will bring you out of your shell in no time at all. Not only does dancing require you to be up close and personal with another dancer, but you will also meet tons of people during your dance class via your studio. There are plenty of people to interact and dance with, so it only makes sense that your self-confidence will soar after a few lessons. In fact, you may find yourself looking forward to showing off your new show dance, because the world needs to see how hard you have worked for it!

Improve your flexibility

Ballroom dance requires flexibility, meaning it is common to feel sore after your first few dance classes. But you’ll soon notice that you’ll be becoming more flexible in that you can adequately flex and reach all the stretching moves you wouldn’t have been able to when you first started. Plus, dance classes start by stretching and warming up, so you’ll be nice and limber for practice. This benefit is especially important because when dancers are flexible, it is easier for them to protect against dance-related injuries from occurring. 

Easy on your bones and joints

Ballroom dancing is a great option for those with joint or bone problems that cannot properly do high-impact exercising in fear of hurting themselves even more. Because ballroom dancing is a weight-bearing activity, those with knee and hip issues can really enjoy being active without putting their health at risk. This kind of dancing is easy on the bones and joints, which helps to decrease the likelihood of injuring yourself if you go too hard when you exercise.

Boosts your endorphins

When you exercise enough, you produce endorphins that signal your brain to be happy and think positive thoughts. Dancing does exactly that — creates a happy, positive activity for you to do while burning calories at the same time. And what could be better than feeling good, looking good, and having a boost in your self-confidence? Add that to the fact you’ll be having fun and listening to good music, and you’ll have a blast and find yourself coming back for more.

With these benefits in mind, there are plenty of reasons to enroll in your nearest ballroom dancing studio today. So what are you waiting for? The cha-cha is calling you!