Beat the “New Yorker Stress” With These 5 Tips

New York City is, much like Los Angeles and other star-studded American destinations, a place that lures people in…
a large group of people in a large building with Grand Central Terminal in the background

New York City is, much like Los Angeles and other star-studded American destinations, a place that lures people in through expectations of job opportunities, added convenience, and luxury. But true New Yorkers know what the living is like, and it’s not as shiny as those tourism websites sell it. Unless, of course, you’re a tourist. 

The glam side of NYC is what grabs over 14 million tourists by the heart. However, high rents, long commuting hours and noise complaints become routine when you’re a resident. These factors not only dull the initial NY spark, but also drag down your mental health. 

The bad news is that cities like New York aren’t going to magically change to fit yours or anybody’s lifestyle. But hey, even the city life is what you make of it. So, how can you avoid stress and sleep in a city that doesn’t?

Get moving

You might have heard about endorphins, whether in explanations about the importance of exercise or why you love chocolate so much. But endorphins does more than just make you feel good — they reduce cortisol levels in your body. Unhealthy amounts of cortisol will lead to an overstressed system and improper regulation of blood pressure, metabolism, among other bodily functions. 

If you don’t feel like getting a gym membership anytime soon, going for a morning jog will work just as well. Get your sweat on at least once a day, and you’re off to a great start. 

Consider seeing a chiropractor

Being fit might leave your muscles sore for a few days in a row. For some, the previous topic is a no-no for this and other reasons. They can’t afford a personal trainer, for instance, and consider themselves unable to work on their own. Fair enough.

If injuries are your problem, finding a chiropractor in New York City might be the answer. Chiropractic practices work by adjusting your body into the right position to promote healing — hence the loud cracks you hear on videos. It’s great as a sole therapy or as an addition to any treatments you might already be getting. 

Even if you don’t suffer with sports injuries, hunching over a desk all day won’t help you minimize stressful back pain. A chiropractor will help you by correcting your posture and working to minimize the pain that keeps you up at night.

Revamp your sleep environment

The city doesn’t sleep, all right. But you need your minimum seven hours, at least if you want to feel good for work tomorrow. 

You can easily rework your room to get better sleep every night. Simple adjustments such as repositioning your bed away from main noise and bright light sources (such as windows) and hanging up thicker curtains can do the job. Also, the humming of a fan can help with blocking outside noises. 

Go for a quick nature break

Routine won’t let us have as many vacations as we wish, unfortunately. But we can still use coffee and lunch breaks to see, feel, and smell nature. Natural environments are scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase pleasant feelings, and improve the workings of our immune system. 

New York has plenty of parks and urban green spaces you can enjoy when you need a dose of tranquility in your day. And who doesn’t?

Talk to a therapist

“I’ve already got bills and rent. Why would I pay to talk to someone?”

That’s a common argument. It turns out talk therapy can be more effective than medication for some adults because it provides them with emotional tools to cope with stressful situations they can’t change. And the way you approach issues directly influences how much they’ll harm your whole body. 

Do what you can to filter out distractions and work through unhealthy aspects, so you can enjoy the metropolitan life.