A Breakdown of Costs for the Most Common Home Repairs

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that everything in your household is running smoothly, with little to…
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As a homeowner, you want to make sure that everything in your household is running smoothly, with little to no issues impacting your way of life. Home repairs can be needed at any time, requiring some budget to set aside to make these fixes a reality. Where the issue is will determine how much it could set you back, as well as the possibility of handling certain difficulties yourself. Here’s a breakdown of some of the expenses you may need to brace yourself for.



With constant weather changes, you want to make sure your roof is up to code. If you find yourself Googling “Melbourne roofing company“, it means you may have noticed some shingles coming loose, or some issues underneath in your attic that could be impacting the beams holding your roof up. A free estimate from a roofing company with years of experience is the easiest first step to assessing the damage ranging from light repair to the installation of a new roof.

Replacing shingles can run into hundreds of dollars, depending on how many need to be replaced. The installation of a new roof can run anywhere from $5-$8K, depending on where you are in the United States and the style of roof you’re having installed. Roof replacement is cheaper for a flat roof than a pitched one. However, a pitched roof requires less maintenance.

Heating & Air Conditioning


Your home’s heating and central air conditioner are crucial to getting you through months with weather extremes, but some problems can arise that you may be able to handle yourself. Be sure to check your troubleshooting guide to pinpoint ductless mini-split issues. This will help you determine if a dirty air filter is a culprit for blocked airflow, or if a fuse has blown in the electric panel that is keeping the mini-split from being fully operational.

There are certain issues that require a licensed technician. If there’s refrigerant leakage, you may not be getting cool air, but you need a professional to be able to fix cracks in the mini-split and properly handle refrigerant. This will run into a few hundred dollars, depending on the need for equipment replacement. It can cost into the low thousands to install a new air conditioner or furnace.



If you spot a water leak in your pipes, you’ll need a plumber to come in to assess this common issue. Depending on the severity and the amount of labor needed, this can run from the low hundreds to even the low thousands. If your issue stems from your water heater, you may need to upgrade to a more durable model that runs up your budget for installation, especially for newer models that are meant to limit water storage. There are DIY fixes like relighting the pilot light or clearing debris buildup that will not require any help in getting hot water back and flowing throughout your household. The same goes for outdoors, keeping your gutters and pipes cleaned to prevent blockage.



Fixing the foundation of your home can be very costly if issues surrounding leaks and cracks are not accounted for immediately. This can run anywhere from $2,000 to around $7,000 to fix, most importantly handling issues with moisture and rot. It’s important to keep drain lines clear that could end up causing problems with the foundation. A repair service will need time to make sure everything is properly set for the house going forward. One of the more common problems can arise from severe weather, leading to seepage that could impact the land surrounding a home. Be sure to consider a payment plan that may allow you to pay by the hundreds rather than the whole lump sum.