5 Reasons to Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Many people don’t want to partake in marijuana because of the high feeling it gives them. For some, the…
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Many people don’t want to partake in marijuana because of the high feeling it gives them. For some, the psychoactive effects of TCH can lead to social anxiety, stress, and a loss of the feeling of control. But what if there was a way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects at all? Enter cannabidiol (or CBD), your new best friend. 

CBD can be extracted from cannabis and combined with a carrier oil, such as hemp or coconut oil. People enjoy CBD oil as is or incorporate it into recipes for gummies, mints, coffee, and other drinks. It can even be ingested through smoking, rolled into a CBD joint. Many cocktail bars have begun to incorporate CBD into their drinks menu. Because CBD offers the relaxation, rest, and fun of marijuana without the mind-altering effects, its use has become a mainstream way to let loose. 

But besides just letting loose, CBD offers benefits that could be lifechanging. Here are five reasons to consider incorporating CBD into your daily routine: 

CBD Can Help Relieve Mental Health Battles

If you feel a creeping sense of unease or anxiety, CBD can help alleviate it. CBD binds to the endocannabinoid receptors found throughout our bodies and particularly in our brains. These receptors regulate neuron functions, and though it’s not fully understood (yet) exactly why CBD is useful, it’s being used effectively to help with depression, PTSD, and mood disorders. 

So whether you are going through a life trial or have a history with mental health disorders, regular use of CBD can offer some relief. 

CBD Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

In conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet, CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory and be a great supplement to your health regimen. Chronic and temporary inflammation can cause grueling aches and binds. When CBD binds to the ECS receptors, it can promote good feelings in the human body. As an anti-inflammatory, it acts to restore balance, promote circulation, and just simply feel good. 

CBD Can Promote Blood Sugar Regulation

Our endocannabinoid system does a lot, and one of the functions of ECS receptors in the pancreas is to make that organ more sensitive to insulin. CBD isn’t a cure for insulin resistance and shouldn’t be a substitute for eating well and taking the proper meds, but it has helped many diabetics and pre-diabetics improve their blood sugar regulation.

On top of the purely physical benefits, the stress of having diabetes and irregular blood sugar levels can leave patients feeling desperate. When combined with therapy and self-care, CBD can assist with some of the stresses diabetics face. Because of its antidepressant properties, it has the potential to encourage stress management and healthy coping habits.

CBD Can Help Your Skin Glow

We don’t yet know all the reasons CBD works to improve skin health, but its anti-inflammatory properties likely have something to do with it. CBD has been shown to contain antioxidants that help to calm and detox the skin. When skin is at its calmest, acne is less likely to occur. 

Also, since everything in the body is connected, stress and acne go hand in hand. Have you ever ended a terrible week with a fresh set of breakouts? You aren’t the only one. Panic about life can often lead to panic about skin. The calming nature of CBD can encourage you to chill out and settle into smoothe, healthy skin. 

CBD Is Full Of Healthy Fats

Lastly, Isolate CBD oil has lots of Omega-3 and Omega-5 fatty acids, which are an important part of a healthy diet. It’s also full of Vitamin E and includes trace minerals such as Zinc and Potassium.

CBD isn’t a miracle drug, but it might just be the world’s newest superfood. Whether you’re struggling with sadness, stress, or just want to feel better after a workout, you might want to consider using CBD on the regular.